In today’s competitive marketplace, top managers increasingly realize they can no longer depend on old school methods of hiring top talent. Not only have the costs associated with searching for top talent become staggering, but traditional means — employment ads, employment agencies and Internet job board recruiting — rarely attract top performing individuals with the ability to hit the ground running and have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Why Use a Recruiter?

The services of outside professionals are used extensively by prudent companies for legal, accounting and other specialized needs. Professional recruiters should be viewed in the same light: as experienced industry consultants who, if fully utilized, can provide industry-specific expertise, save valuable time and a great deal of money. Recruiters understand confidentiality and provide an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation and successful negotiation experience. Hiring Managers throughout the Natural Products industry repeatedly tell us two things...

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Are Recruiters Worth What They Charge?

“When I need a heart by-pass, rest assured that I won’t select my surgeon on the basis of what he charges.” That’s what an ailing executive recently opined when he was informed by his doctor about his arterial blockage problems....

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