Passionate about the advancement of the Natural Products industry?

 Looking for opportunities to connect with industry-leading organizations?

 Known as a top performer by your peers yet need to maintain confidentiality in your search?

We excel at PLACING "difference makers"
in the Natural Products industry.

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 Faced with continuous turnover or an underperforming staff?

 Desk littered with unqualified resumes from job boards or expensive newspaper ads?

 Wasting time working with a recruiter who does not specialize in your industry?

We excel at RECRUITING "difference makers" in the Natural Products industry.

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Talent InfusionSimply put, that is our mission. While most recruiters are generalists, we are specialists with a passion for promoting optimal health and wellness that runs as deep as yours. Combined with our global network of recruiters, provides the competitive edge essential to recruiting and retaining the next true difference maker.

We are focused on developing long-term, strategic alliances and believe that win-win partnerships
are the result of mutual respect, honesty, integrity and commitment. At,
we are committed to the advancement of health-supporting products, healthy people and
a healthy planet — it is not just a business, it is a way of life. We are natural
change agents with a national network of contacts including leading
companies and top talent in the vitamin, supplement, natural food
and body care industries, and we strive to be your trusted partner.

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